Are My Plants Thirsty?

Hello friends, in this month’s blog we are going to talk about irrigating plants and trees. “How do I know when they need water and how much?” This is the most common question among customers!

Plants and trees need water just like humans to survive, but be careful too much water can also kill them. There are several ways to know when your plants are thirsty. The first sign of water stress is wilting, if several plants in a bed begin to wilt, you know is time to water.

Another old method is by using a wooden stick and inserting it around your plant. If when inserting the stick about 12 inches into the ground comes out wet, this means that plant has enough water. If the stick comes out dry, then your plant or tree needs water.

If you think this is too much to keep up with, there are also sensors that you can purchase at you favorite hardware store. These sensors will indicate when your plants or trees need watering.
“How much water do my plants need?” This will depend on your type of soil, plant, whether the plant is indoor or outdoor, etc. The key point is to ensure water gets to the root of the plant. When watering your plants and trees, do it slowing. It’s best to use a soaking water hose as this will ensure proper watering. Also keep in mind the time of the year. During the summer they will need more water and in the winter less.

This concludes our monthly blog for May. We hope these tips will improve your watering skills. If you guys have any questions, please ask away as we are always glad to help. As always, thank you for letting us share our expertise in the landscape word.